Mass Times
Sundays – 9am
Wednesdays – 5:30pm
Fridays – 8:45am (School)

Norms And Protocols For Mass

These are the norms and protocols that we will be observing as we resume public Mass:

  • We will celebrate Mass on Sunday at 9am as usual. We will continue to live-stream Mass on Facebook as we have been doing recently
  • Bishop Kopacz will continue to dispense all the faithful from the Sunday Obligation to participate in Mass until further notice. This means that you do not have to come to Mass on Sundays and Holy Days.
  • Anyone who is sick or symptomatic or has been around someone who is sick should not come to church.
  • Anyone who is concerned about possibly contracting the virus at church should stay away from church.
  • Vulnerable individuals, those 65 and older or with underlying health conditions, should continue to shelter in place. Likewise, families with vulnerable individuals are encouraged to continue to take special precautions.
  • Due to the vulnerability of infants, toddlers and small children during this time, parents should consider not bringing them to church for Mass. If you do bring your children to Mass, please do not let them run around to avoid getting exposed.
  • Continue to use the Act of Spiritual Communion when you cannot come to church.
  • Everyone above the age of 2 must wear a mask. This is mandatory. Please bring your mask with you to church and wear it while you are at church.
  • The water fountain will not be available for drinking water.
  • Although the restrooms are cleaned, it is recommended that you use the restroom at home before coming to church. Of course, you may go in case of an emergency.
  • The hospitality reception, after Mass, will not be held.
  • The holy water font will continue to remain empty.
  • There will not be any missalettes, hymnals, or worship aids in the pews. Some of you picked up a missalette recently. You may bring it to church and take it back home with you after Mass. We will give you a missalette if you need one.
  • Choir practice continues to remain suspended.
  • Praying of the Rosary before Mass is suspended.
  • When you are arriving and leaving church, avoid socializing with fellow parishioners and clergy. Do not gather. Maintain social distance. No hugs and no handshakes! I know that this will be particularly hard for us to do in our loving parish family.
  • There will be a hand sanitizer placed at the entrance to the church. Please use this when you enter the church. One squirt provides enough material for your hands.
  • We do not have a restriction on the number of people that can be gathered in the church, however we do have to follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Families (people that live under the same roof) may be seated together. Everyone else is required to sit six feet apart.
  • The pews in the church have been rearranged in order to meet the social distancing guidelines. There are a few individual chairs, the rest are in pews comprised of 4 or 5 chairs. Please DO NOT move the chairs as they have been painstakingly arranged to meet the guidelines that have been prescribed.
  • Do not sit in the pews that have been marked with a blue tape. Every alternate pew will remain unoccupied.
  • A family consists of 1 or more members. Each pew may be used by 1 family only. You may not let anyone else sit in your pew. if your family needs more chairs then use an additional pew.
  • The Ushers will assist you with getting you to the appropriate seat. Please seek their guidance and pay attention to them.
  • We may be able to seat about 28 families in the main sanctuary and about 16 families in the gathering space. Of course this depends on the size of each family. We will not be able to accommodate more people.
  • We will not be using the Multi-Purpose building.

The following are the protocols for Mass:

  • We will not have a choir. At most, we may have a single cantor and the organist at Mass. They too will use face masks. Choirs are a high aerosol generating activity that could spread COVID-19 or other viruses.
  • Altar Servers and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion will not serve.
  • We will need only one Lector/Reader for Mass. The Lector will sit in the pew that is right next to the Ambo/Lectern.
  • Except for the clergy, no one will wear the robes/vestments that they usually wear at Mass.
  • We will not have a procession, instead Fr. Joe and I will go to the altar directly.
  • The collection basket will not be passed around. Use the baskets at the entrance to place your contributions when you arrive or depart from church.
  • We will not bring up the gifts during the offertory.
  • Do not use the kneelers. Do not kneel in the church.
  • Do not hold hands during The Lord’s Prayer (the Our Father). You may choose to do so if you belong to the same family.
  • The Rite of the Sign of Peace continues to be suspended.
  • Distribution of the Precious Blood continues to be suspended.
  • Distribution of Holy Communion will be in the hand only. Distribution on the tongue is suspended.
  • Do not wear gloves to receive Holy Communion.
  • After the Host is placed on your palm, step away a few feet, then move your face mask temporarily in order to consume the Host.