Mass Times
Sundays – 9am
Wednesdays – 5:30pm
Fridays – 8:45am (School)

Altar Server

Altar servers perform most of the functions of the former minor order of ordained clerics known as acolytes from the Greek word akolouthos or attendant. Church writings from the second and third centuries discuss the role of acolytes, giving the office great importance and honor in the history of the Church. Altar servers today are not ordained, but are commissioned by their pastor.

The primary role of the altar server is to assist in the celebration of the Mass. This is done through various tasks including: assisting with the Roman Missal when the celebrant needs to read from it; preparing the altar, taking care of candles, incense, and processional cross. The main task of the Altar Server is to model liturgical prayer with grace and reverence and enter wholeheartedly into the public worship of the community.

The ministry of Altar Server is open to anyone who has received their First Communion. This is a perfect ministry for a family or siblings who would like to serve together at Mass.

Please contact Debra Tucker or Pamela Osborne to be a part of this ministry.